Winter Citrus by Heather Orton

I used to take citrus for granted. Growing up in California, oranges were everywhere. Nearly every home in the neighborhood had some type of citrus tree growing in the back yard - orange trees, lemon trees, limes, you name it. Freshly squeezed orange juice was a staple at breakfast and served as the standard base for almost every smoothie bar in town. At the beach, if the heat became too intense, you could walk up to one of the local juice huts and order a citrus cooler. But I rarely did. Citrus was boring! I wanted the more exotic fruits that weren't as readily available, like berries.

Now that I'm in Portland (where berries are plentiful, thankfully!), citrus is my new winter fav. When my cat, London, yowls at me at the crack of dawn on cold, dark mornings, citrus is my comfort and motivation for getting out of bed. Along with coffee (duh). It gives me the kick in the butt I need to function and get going for the day.

Marmlade on toast (or, you know, straight from the jar) is my favorite, but I also love to add zest to muffins or pancakes, dry the peels and use them in granola, or eat it fresh in yogurt. Orange slices are amazing dunked in dark chocolate with your coffee. And let's be honest...getting doped up on vitamin C in the winter is never a bad thing!